This year’s conference will see a series of conversations unravel where participants will come together to listen, debate, discuss and innovate. Whether the discussion revolves around activities on the lake and best practices for protecting the Bras d’Or in ‘Life on the Lake’ to digital innovation across the island in ‘Connected Lake’, CEPI Youth 2018 is not one to miss.

Life on the Lake

Our Lake is a sacred place, home to plenty of wildlife, numerous attractions, and a number of important communities. Protecting the lake is about protecting all of these activities. In every stream participants will explore the fascinating vibrancy of the Bras d’Or as it exists today, and discuss how we can all help keep it alive.

Stream #1: Business on the Bras d’Or

The Bras d’Or Lake is more than just a unique inland sea – it’s a playground, a treasured natural resource, and a gem attracting visitors from all over. In Business on the Bras d’Or participants will explore ways in which we can use Entrepreneurship to promote the Lake, all while maintaining its magnificence through Sustainable Practices.

Stream #2: Thriving Island

Cape Breton, and the Bras d’Or Lake area, is home to some of the most innovative people and projects on the planet. Join a conversation about the many success stories that have sprouted here on the island and continue to thrive today in Thriving Island.

Stream #3: Connected Lake

As the generation growing up in the digital era we have the unique opportunity to work wherever we please – that includes right here on the Island. In Connected Lake participants will explore the ways technology has empowered us to reinvent Cape Breton as a hub of innovation.

Stream #4:  Studio Bras d’Or

An ecosystem of artists – musicians, painters, writers and storytellers, and much more – has always existed in this place, and it holds true today. Unleash your inner-artist and explore ways to make to make the Lake and the Island your studio and a place of creative collaboration in Studio Bras d’Or.