Keep our Mniku Clean

Every summer since 1742 Chapel Island First Nation hosts the annual St. Annes Mission, the longest continuous Catholic mission in Canada. Mi’kmaq people from all over gather on a small island on the Bras d’Or Lake for an average of two weeks, some stay even longer. The island has no running water or no electricity. Overrun by hundreds of people daily, waste management there was a big problem. CEPI Youth started the movement – Keep Our Mniku Clean – in 2019 and gathered donations of clear garbage bags and blue bags from multiple local organizations. Clear garbage bags and blue bags were given out to campers on the Mniku (Island) to encourage them to recycle. A station was set up across from the main wharf where people would get onto the island, and posters were hung to show campers how to recycle in the area. Next year, we plan on encouraging an even bigger eco-friendly movement.